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Listed below are currently staffed positions at Susquehanna Valley Construction Corporation.  If you are interested in employment you may apply online (by using the link on this page), apply by mail, or apply in person.  Your application will be kept on file and reviewed when that particular position becomes available.  Susquehanna Valley Construction Corporation is an equal opportunity employer, & women and minorities are encouraged to apply.


An operator is responsible for operating heavy machinery in a safe and productive manner.  A full time operator is a person who can operate hydraulic and fixed boom cranes, excavators, backhoes, loaders, rollers and any other piece of heavy equipment with the exception of the concrete pump.


A carpenter is responsible for planning and execution of the forming, pouring and stripping of substructure and superstructure concrete components and falsework associated with bridge construction.


A laborer is responsible for the majority of the physical labor performed on the job.  This position is an entry level position that can be useful in learning more about bridge construction prior to attaining a more skilled position such as carpenter or operator.


– Monday thru Friday (typical)
– Eight (8) hours a day, plus overtime, if necessary.
– Saturday and Sundays if necessary.
– Night shift if necessary.


Job sites are typically located in Pennsylvania and Maryland.  Job sites beacause they are not shielded from the weather can include excessive heat, cold, wind, rain and other weather related aspects.  At times, work will be conducted on uneven terrain, at heights and near/over water.

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